A proven track record for innovation, performance and success over a diverse range of developments, by a family run business since the turn of the century.


The Pilcher Group's companies are primarily property based businesses delivering high quality assets, with a commitment to detail and delivery.


Each company is design conscious, with a proven track record for innovation, performance and success over a diverse range of developments.

We are currently involved in a number of projects throughout the UK. We focus primarily on London, the South East, and North Yorkshire, in both the residential and commercial sectors, and we always welcome new opportunities. We pride ourselves on being a family run firm, whose employees are easy to approach and are always happy to discuss potential new business.


Our Team


Michael Russell 

Michael qualified as an English Chartered Accountant in 1980 and moved to Jersey in 1981. He continued his career there in the financial services industry as a director of a wide range of businesses, which included substantial property companies. He sold his fiduciary service business in 2010 to a UK plc. He continues to advise a number of families in a consultancy capacity.



Robert Pilcher

Robert has over forty five years’ experience in the real estate sector. He has built over three thousand five hundred homes and over one million square feet of commercial and industrial property.

Non-Executive Director

John Pilcher

John has over forty five years’ experience in the real estate sector having built and sold  a multi-disciplinary Surveying practice in Kent. John is an entrepreneur, investing in property and people and has an international network of investors and associates within the Real Estate industry.

Non-Executive Director

Ingemar Wall

Ingemar has over thirty five years’ experience in liability management. Ingemar specialises in Macro Economics and his company continues to advise clients with AUM of £5B.


Ghafoor Hussain  

Ghafoor has over twenty years’ experience in the Banking sector. Formally of Barclays, Ghafoor is an outstanding senior executive with a first-rate record in providing professional banking services to a large portfolio of clients including High Net Worth individuals, and a reputation for consistently exceeding expectations and leading his field. With an outstanding track record in achieving the highest rank across peers, utilising excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills to intuitively understand client needs and deliver innovative solutions to develop their portfolio. 


Simon Pilcher

Simon has over a decade of experience in the real estate sector. Simon is active in the family’s property business running and expanding the development side of the business. Simon deals in all aspects of finance, planning and construction. Simon also heads the expanding Private Client arm of the business, acting for and advising clients in Real Estate investment and management.


Mike Smith

Mike has over forty years’ experience in the aviation business and specialise in Bombardier aircraft in particular Challenger and Global Express. Mike is a leading authority in avionic expertise and is regularly consulted by the industry’s leading manufacturers.


Alison Chadwick Kelley

Allie has almost 20 years experience in the luxury goods, travel, and international PR, marketing and sponsorship space. Allie maintains excellent relationships within the luxury goods, automotive, travel and architectual/design space and creates events in numerous places around the world.


Talk to a member of our team

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